Tantra offer near Barcelona

"We are Neel and Fabrizio and we run Gayholidayspain in the heart of Penedès located in Font Rubí (Barcelona, Catalunya), the champagne and wine region, one hour from Barcelona and 25 minutes from the beach.
Our house has 3 double rooms, 2 triples, a dorm for 8 people, kitchen, dining room, lounge and a shala with capacity for 20 people.
Neel is a yoga, tantra, and meditation teacher and Fabrizio is a masseur (Ayurveda and Tantric), both offer a 4 tantric massage.
We practice yoga, tantra, and meditation and we organize tantra retreats for men only"
"With Tantra, we learn to free our bodies from judgments and tensions accumulated by past experiences and beliefs. We learn to release our emotional wounds generated in the past, we also learn intimate contacts so that we can lay the foundations so that love flows and we can trust and be trusted. We learn to observe the mind so that it surrenders to live now and to be creative. In this way, we create the space for the energy to flow freely and naturally.

Tantra is delivery of love to life, it is the way of prayer, of the absolute acceptance of all manifestations of life, sex. Worship the god in each being through the practice of dance, the arts, sensuality, and naturalness."

Tantra / erotische Massage GRAZ

Das ist eine erotische Massage wobei wir beide nackt sind und der ganze Körper inklusive Schwanz mit Öl massiert wird!

Dauer ca 1.5h inkl happy end!

Bei der Teilnahme an Gay Tantra Seminar konnte ich weitere Erfahrungen und Anregungen sammeln, mit denen ich dich in sexuelle Extase versetzen möchte.

Natürlich darfst du auch meinen Schwanz anfassen und blasen und mein Loch lecken!

Kann dich gern auch ficken während der Massage. 

Intimrasur wird ebenfalls angeboten !


This is an erotic massage where we are both naked and the whole body including cock is massaged with oil!

 Duration ca 1.5h incl happy end!

Of course you can also touch my cock and blow and lick my hole!

I could fuck you during the massage, too

Intimate shaving is also offered!

Preis auf Anfrage - 

price on request