Hello! I’m Sergio and offer

group or individual massage classes. 
Do you want to learn to massage dynamically? Let's all learn together, in a practical way in groups.



Be pampered in the luscious Spa,

an exclusive service for guests and their friends. The facilities include a sun terrace, a sauna, a jacuzzi, an outdoor pool (clothing optional) and a relaxation area. Don't forget the excellent massages done by Lars, our professional masseur!

The nearby Virgin Active Health Club offers all facilities of an upmarket fitness centre – a 25m swimming pool, saunas, circuit training, cardio equipment and Pilates & Yoga studio. You are also welcome to book a personal trainer.



A massage offers a pleasant and enjoyable way to relax from stressful everyday life and to replenish ones strength and joie de vivre. A professionally carried out massage will help the body release and new energies will be delivered and made accessible, furthermore the combination of wellness and massage may support therapies and help relieve pain.

The Hot Stone Massage is becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons:
  • Hot Stones The warmth of the stones relaxes and helps to reduce stress
  • Tense muscles are eased and pain is diminished
  • Blood flow is encouraged, which provides body cells with oxygen and helps the lymph flow (important for the evacuation of metabolic slags)
  • The warmth stimulates the immune system
  • The use of precious oils makes the skin soft and tender
  • The result is the balance of spirit and soul, a clear and fresh mind, a general well-being and a completely new physical self-assurance as well as the activation of energy sources of the body.


Massage Rates
Hot stone massage | 90min - R550
Sports massage | 60min - R400 | 90min - R500